Hey... thanks for stopping by.  So, you're thinking of hosting a murder mystery event ... ?


Great  - because we're looking for new venues to partner with.


The murder mystery genre has been popular for years - since the early writings of Edgar Allen Poe (The Murders in the Rue Morgue - 1841), to the 'cosies' popularised by Agatha Christie in the 1950's and the modern Scandic crime novels - the Great British public just love to play detective.


It is no surprise that hotels, restaurants, stately homes and even cruise ships are turning to murder mystery events to increase revenue and occupancy.    Not only are Murder Dinners and Murder Weekends popular in their own right, but many venues are finding that they are now receiving enquiries for Murder Mystery Wedding Packages - a truly unique way to celebrate.


Even if you are already offering murder mystery events at your venue it is worthwhile talking to us.  


Our murder mysteries are performed with as much realism as possible and although they contain humour, we don't do the "Carry On ...Sherlock" style of events.  We also use no less than 7 actors for each event and this ensures there is plenty of action to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening / weekend.  Die-hard (did you notice the pun there ?) murder mystery fans will love our events as they get to interrogate the suspects for all they're worth, and can ask those embarrassing questions that they've always wanted to ( "... are you still sleeping with your father-in-law ? "  or  "... have you always had bad dress sense ?" ).


Our Murder Mystery events come as a package and include:


   *     Murder Mystery plot

   *     Actors

   *     Pre-event information pack for all guests

   *     Certificate / Prizes

   *     Pro-active marketing of your event


Are you still interested ?  If there is anything more you'd like to know please contact us.   

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