If you are looking for a private event, our smaller scale "party" events are perfect for groups of up to 20 participants.


The event is hosted by 2 professional actors who are there to ensure the smooth running of the game and also to play additional characters within the story. You and your assembled guests are then invited to play the main characters within the story. Everyone gets the chance to use their detective skills and solve the mystery. The best way to describe it would be to think of it as a live version of "Cluedo".


Once you and your guests are ready to play and the characters assigned, your hosts will explain how the event works and how to play the game. The game itself is split into five rounds:

> Introductions - Meet your hosts and fellow suspects

> Round 1 - Time to start interrogating suspects  

> Round 2 - Police evidence revealed + Question & Answer session    

> Round 3 - Time to ask your final questions before making your deductions

> Denouement - The murderer is revealed


Each round is separated by a short break - if you are taking dinner as part of your experience then the courses can be served between the rounds. If no food is being taken, then the breaks allow for guests to start chatting about possible motives and suspects.


There is no need for anyone to have any acting experience (we positively encourage over-acting and the use of outrageous accents or mannerisms) nor prior knowledge of the plot as everything is scripted. Prior to your event we’ll provide you with an information pack so that consideration can be given beforehand to possible "casting". When characters are cast prior to the event we suggest that they may like to dress as their character to add further fun to the event.


We have a number of varying themes and plots - including some child-friendly and all-female versions, but each of our events is focussed on being fun rather than frightening. All of our events contain the following:

* Murder Mystery plot

* Actors / Hosts

* Pre-event information pack

* Certificates / Prizes

* FREE - venue finding service if required


Our party events are designed to be flexible, so whether you are looking to host the event at a hotel, restaurant, rented holiday home, or your own home we can easily adapt to your requirements.


Please ask us if you would like any additional information.  

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Murder Mystery Party - What happens ?