Murder Dinners - what happens ?


Firstly, there needs to be a reason for everyone to have gathered for the evening - this could be anything from a wedding reception, a family gathering, or a society AGM.  You will be advised prior to the event so that you can play along with the theme.


The action usually starts during pre-Dinner drinks.  Actors, who play the 'characters', will mingle with the guests, or "audience detectives" as we like to call them, and the story starts to unfold.  From this point onwards, you should be prepared for anything and everything.  


At some point during dinner one or more of the 'characters' will die - usually quite horribly and messily.  At this point the Police will arrive and begin their investigations - aided by all the audience detectives who also happen to be in attendance.  The actors will make themselves available for interrogation and will remain in character throughout the evening.  It is upto the audience detectives to talk to the actors and obtain all of the information they need to solve the mystery.  The innocent 'characters' will only telll the truth - although they may be evasive at first.  The guilty may tell the truth, but may also tell lies in order to avoid suspicion.  It is up to the audience detectives to decipher fact from fiction and avoid the red herrings.  The Police may also be able to provide some information to assist you - although, they may also want some information from YOU to aid their investigation.


Towards the end of the evening the Police will invite the audience detectives to submit their theories - who did it and why ?   The Police will review all of the evidence gathered during the course of the evening, provide an explanation, and arrest the guilty party (or parties).  There is only ONE possible solution - can you work out who had the means, motive and opportunity.


The evening concludes with the awarding of Certificates/Prizes .


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