Frequently Asked Questions ...


How realistic are your events ?

We try to make everything as realistic as possible, but we obviously can't maim, injure or murder people for real.  The actors will remain in 'character' throughout and will behave as that person would do in that situation.  Whilst we all know that some unfortunate events are going to occur, we will not acknowledge the fact that it is a Murder Mystery event.



How many 'characters' are there ?

This will depend on the plot, but there are generally between 6 and 10 'characters', played by professional actors.



Can I play a 'character' ?

We encourage people to 'play along' with the plot, but you will not be required to do any acting.  Professional actors play all of the suspects and victims.



How easy is it to solve the mystery ?

The key to solving the mystery is to listen and observe - everything you need to know is there.... it just depends how intuitive you are.  It also pays to be inquisitive and to question the suspects - however, whilst we like people to get involved in solving the mystery there is nothing to be gained from "stalking" an actor and following them to the lavatory (yes, it does happen - frequently!).  We would also ask you to be respectful of other peoples property and privacy - there are no clues hidden in handbags or jacket pockets and hotel rooms (other than your own) are out of bounds.  


Remember - there is only one possible solution.  Who had the motive, means and opportunity ?



What is the dress code ?

All of our events are set in the present day so smart casual dress is fine.  



Is there an age restriction ?

We welcome all ages, but due to the nature of the event we suggest a minimum age of 18  - however, you know your family and friends better than we do so we'll let you decide whether you think it is age suitable.

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