Murder Mystery UK have been killing people for over 25 years - and we've been having fun doing it !


Our dark deeds have been enjoyed by hundreds of people - it’s no wonder we’re asked to return to venues time and again.


 Our professional actors have a wealth of experience, with many having appeared on stage, radio, television and the cinema screen.  


Why and how are we different ?


We are serious about providing quality events that are interactive and fun.  After all, murder is a serious business so we treat everything as if it is 'real'.  Therefore, we will never refer to the event as a Murder Mystery - and you will probably get a few strange looks from our actors if you were to ask "When is the murder going to happen?"  


All of our plots are geared towards creating realistic situations, whilst also having some fun and laughter along the way.  It’s all about engaging with you - our audience and enjoying a traditional, yet modern, "whodunnit" at close quarters.


We only use professional actors - generally between 7-10 depending on the plot .  As far as we know, we are the only company to use so many actors per plot.  We encourage our audience to become involved and participate, but we never use them as victims, murderers or suspects.


Finally - yes, there will be blood ..... and screaming, fights and arguments, distraught relatives, and possibly affairs, embezzlement and illegitimate children.  But don't let that stop you from interrogating the suspects... and let's face it, we've all secretly wanted to ask all those really embarrassing questions of someone - and here's your chance .....



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